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Starry Sky

Book a tour of the Universe here!

Join us on an incredible journey filled with wonder and

have a chance to stargaze with our Celestron C14HD telescope!


Your guide, an expert astronomer, will take you on a step by step voyage from the Earth to the edge of the known Universe!


Your private tour includes:


• Celestial navigation!
Using a planisphere and star charts you will learn how to navigate the night sky and spot satellites, planets & other celestial objects!

• Telescope viewing!
Observe the craters of the Moon, the planets of the solar system and many highlight deep sky objects such as galaxies and nebulae with our observatory telescope!

• Interactive presentation!
Whilst you are stargazing, you will go on a journey through space and time, learning about the enormous size & age of the Universe, the evolution of the galaxies, the birth & death of stars e.t.c.

• Astrophotography! 
Your guide will assist you to take images of celestial objects through the telescope*!
*please inform us of your camera equipment to ensure compatibility

Price: €150,00
Capacity: up to 8-10 people
Duration: up to 3 hours


Meet the Universe through our services! Book a tour, visit or just keep in touch!

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