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Live View from Prodromos Observatory, Cyprus

Camera Information:

Alcor OMEA 6C (ZWO ASI178MC)

Image capture: AllSkEye

Refresh rate: 15s * (longer during night)

North is UP, East is LEFT

Site Information:​

Prodromos Area, Troodos Mountain, Cyprus

Latitude: 34° 55' N

Longitude: 32° 50' E

Alt: 1412m

SQM: 21.38 avg

Not working? Let us know

The camera is an ALCOR SYSTEM "OMEA 6C" built in France. The camera utilises a heavy-duty, robust and 100% weather proof housing with a built in warmer to dissolve dew & ice.


The heart of the camera is a ZWO ASI178MC sensor with 3100x2100 pixel array, giving 3.3 arcmin per pixel resolution.


The field of view is 180° x 130° and is oriented NORTH up, EAST left.

The camera is controlled through the AllSkEye software with SkyWatch serving as backup. 


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