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Geminids 2023 - Live stream!

Tune in to our SPICA observatory and enjoy the 2023 Geminids meteor shower - from the comfort of your own home!

Fireball meteors next to the Milky Way. Stock image

The 2023 Geminid meteor shower peaks next Thursday, 14 December! Weather permitting, we can expect a peak rate of 120 meteors per hour!

Ideal prospects!

This year the Geminids happen almost exactly on New Moon (December 13th) so if the clouds stay away, we should be able to enjoy a spectacular night of meteor activity!

The meteors originate from asteroid 3200 Phaethon, which orbits the Sun every 1.4 years. The shower gets its name from its radiant point in the sky - the constellation Gemini. The radiant rises above the horizon during early evening and crosses the highest point in the sky around 01:45 at which time we should expect the highest activity.

For this unique occasion, or for any other night you wish to do some remote stargazing, tune in to our mountain-top observatory in Prodromos, where we have installed our All-Sky camera, transmitting spectacular images of the Cyprus night sky 24/7 via the web!

SPICA All-Sky Panoramic Camera system

The camera is a purpose-built system with a 180 degree fish-eye lens and a high-resolution sensor. It provides images of the night sky over Cyprus continuously and it is used for outreach as well as research purposes!

Since its installation in March 2021, it has captured stunning images including spectacular fireballs as well as unique views of the zodiacal light, the glorious Milky Way and the constellations of the night sky!

Since many will not brave the cold, we suggest you get comfortable at home, tune in to SPICA and enjoy the view with your loved ones!

Click here for more info on SPICA Observatory

Direct camera link: All-Sky Camera

Clear skies!

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