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Inauguration of the Troodos Observatory

The Troodos Observatory has been officially inaugurated!

The inauguration ceremony was held on Sunday, June 19th by the President of the Republic and featured guests from the island's authorities, local officials as well as a large crowd.

During the ceremony, the local community council awarded honorary placques to those who have played a critical role to the completion of the project.

Situated on a remote but accessible mountain top at Agridia village at 1250m above sea level, on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountain range, the Observatory offers spectacular views in all directions. Equipped with a beautiful 5.6m dome and a 4x4m roll-off hydraulic roof designed & manufactured in Italy by masters Gambato, housing a Hydrogen-α solar telescope by Lunt Solar Systems U.S.A. and - the star of the show - the mighty Planewave CDK20 on the Paramount ME II robotic mount.

Supporting features include a large presentation room, an astro-marina for visiting amateur telescopes and a suspended observation deck providing a unique view of the surrounding valley to the south all the way to the Mediterranean sea!

Τhe Observatory is expected to open its doors to the public this summer!

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