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Lawrence Krauss celebrates 70th Birthday in Cyprus

The world renowned Theoretical Physicist spent his 70th birthday celebrating with fans & friends at the Cyprus Planetarium where he gave a captivating lecture titled “Time as an Illusion”.

Prof. Krauss during his lecture titled "Time as an Illusion" at the Cyprus Planetarium


Following the lecture he was greeted by an eager audience and warmly answered questions, signed autographs and posed for pictures. On behalf of the Cyprus Planetarium we organized a private dinner to honor the professor.

On Tuesday, the professor visited our SPICA Remote Observatory in Prodromos where he had a chance to see the remote astrophotography operations, equipment and telescopes up close and he expressed great interest.

Prof. Krauss visits our SPICA Remote Observatory in Prodromos

Following, he visited the newly inaugurated Troodos Observatory where, after filming an episode with the Chris Quark podcast which will be internationally viewed, he officiated the first light of the 20” telescope observing stars, globular clusters and distant galaxies.

Officiating the 20" Telescope of the Troodos Observatory

We thank Professor Krauss for his presence in Cyprus which empowers the astronomical community and signifies the recognition of Cyprus as an Astronomy Destination. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and we look forward to future cooperation.


With 1010 Cosmos's Stelios Tryfon and Agapios Elia


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