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Pascal English School Astronomy Night

This year the Pascal English School has an Astronomy club!

The club meets once a month during the school club days and they take part in various astronomical activities and presentations! Last Monday we organised a "Stargazing Night" for the club members, the school teachers & staff as well as parents! We got to use the school's 4" refractor telescope (yes they have a really good telescope!) to observe the planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and of course the Moon! The students also had a chance to take photos of the Moon with their smartphone!

Here's what they had to say on their social media:

"Our Astronomy Club’s Stargazing Night!

This week, we have been quite fortunate to have with us Mr. Agapios Elia, of ‘1010 Asteroskopeion’, as he held a night-time astronomy observation from our school rooftop for our school community of pupils, parents and staff.

The event was highly informative as not only did the participants get to observe the Moon and some other planets through the telescope, but they got to learn many new things about the sky and the Universe.

Many thanks to Mr. Elia for this thoroughly enjoyable night and to Mr. Nemanja Paskulov, our Astronomy Club lead teacher, for the organization."

All images © Pascal English School

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